Unpopular Opinion: Teaching Crypto in Schools

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Cryptocurrency is likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “school”. But as a senior in high school, all students are required to take an economics class. The class teaches us things such as how to write a check, the law of supply and demand, and how banks work. However as I sat staring at the clock one day, I realized my economics class was totally forgetting a notable mention… CRYPTO!!!

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Crypto Should Be Taken Seriously

As crypto continues to surge in popularity, the amount of misinformation surrounding crypto also continues to grow. This is a big problem that could pose a serious threat to the global transition to decentralized finance (DeFi). By teaching about cryptocurrency and its related topics in school, students will grow up to become educated crypto investors. Teaching students about crypto could also boost awareness of this emerging technology, further accelerating the transition to DeFi.

Why Does This Matter?

One of the major flaws of traditional fiat currencies is that most people outright suck at managing their money. With crypto we are at a time where a new precedent can be set. If people are taught how to properly manage their crypto from a young age, the ‘crypto generation’ could have much higher rates of financial literacy. Additionally, if students across the globe are taught about crypto, we could see more people take advantage of investment opportunities. This would directly benefit crypto as a whole, as well as the individuals who choose to invest.

What is The Catch?

Although many schools already hire teachers who teach personal finance and economics. In order to teach a curriculum about cryptocurrency, schools may need to hire additional staff. This is something that costs both time and money. There is also a concern of whether students have enough time in their day for another class. However teaching crypto could become an integrated part of existing classes, rather than becoming a brand new class.

Final Thoughts

There are still many questions to be answered when it comes to teaching crypto in schools. In fact many people still question whether crypto is just a big bubble waiting to burst. It is tough to say for certain, but as large institutions continue to adopt crypto technologies… the answer becomes more clear.

One More Thing

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