The Habit Shared By Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos

Understanding what makes high achievers succeed seems to be a million dollar question. But perhaps the answer to so many entrepreneur’s success is actually hidden in plain site. In recent years the most valuable companies in the world have all been tech companies. Often times, the founders of these tech companies have a deep rooted tech background.

For instance, Elon Musk had started multiple tech companies before his success at Tesla and SpaceX. Steve Jobs developed a passion for computers at a very young age, and he practically begged for a job building microcontrollers. Bill Gates started writing code when he was still in high school, which put him levels above everyone else by the time he got to college.

Writing Code

It should come as no surprise that tech companies usually require a founder that understands how to write code. Even though most founders do not spend much of their time writing code (unless they are starting out), every founder must solve problems quickly. Similarly to running a company, writing code is a constant battle against yourself to find solutions to problems such as bugs and syntax errors.

This daily practice helps programmers to develop strong critical thinking skills, which is extremely important when leading an entire company. There is no doubt that practice makes perfect, and years spent practicing critical thinking skills has enhanced the abilities of countless tech founders.

Many of Bill Gates’ former classmates described him as being absolutely obsessed with writing code. This means he was practicing his critical thinking skills more than anyone else around him. Over time, the gap between Gates and other Harvard students only continued to grow.

When it was time for Bill Gates to make big decisions at Microsoft, he had so much experience with critical thinking that he knew exactly what to do.


There seems to be an obvious link between people who write code, and people who solve large problems. Perhaps learning how to code is not only useful for building products, but also for the skills that it enhances. Who knows, writing your first line of code could make you one step closer to founding a billion dollar company.

One More Thing

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