The Future of DeFi is Bright, Here’s Why!

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Decentralized finance is catching governments by storm. For the first time in history, individuals have the power to perform financial transactions with no affiliation to any specific country. In other words, performing decentralized transactions is a massive paradigm shift. Placing great power in the hands of the individual, rather than the country that governs them.

Understanding the technology behind crypto is critical to making smarter investment decisions. Become a blockchain ninja today!

Your Money is Safe

Unless you‘re a Blockchain expert, the concept of dumping your hard earned money into a new technology doesn’t sound appealing. However Blockchain technology is one of the most reliable ways to record transactions. Blockchain technology is the heart of decentralization. Which means if one link in the chain is disrupted, the entire system still continues smoothly. With DeFi your money is safe because it is distributed amongst thousands, if not millions of systems.

Uncertain Times

The past year and a half has been an absolute roller coaster of chaos for everyone. Economies crashed, businesses went bankrupt, and everyone panicked. In order to combat some of this panic, people began putting their money into decentralized currencies such as Bitcoin. This not only served as a worthwhile investment, but it also provided people with a peace of mind. The reason being, if an economy plummets, so does the value of its respective currency. However for example, since Bitcoin is not associated with any specific country or economy. Its value is not directly impacted even if a large economy crashes. A great way to provide an extra degree of protection for your money, is by converting some of it to crypto.

You (Might) Make Money

Generally speaking, big name cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Cardano continue to increase in value. However this is not to say that they will continue to increase in value. Currently this technology is still new to most people, so it is likely that crypto will only gain popularity in the near future. This could potentially yield profits for people who purchase crypto, and as they say… the bold are rewarded first. Ultimately the decision to jump ship from fiat to crypto, could provide enormous value and offer better protection of your money. However it is important to keep in mind, that nobody can say for certain whether this decision will pay off in the long run.

One More Thing

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