JavaScript vs Python (For Beginners)

Nate Lee
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Perhaps the most heated debate within the programming world is which language beginners should learn first. There truly is no right answer to this question, and both languages are suitable for different people. Hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better understanding of which language is right for you.


Not to be confused with Java (a different programming language). JavaScript was originally created for the purpose of adding functionality to websites. In recent years JavaScript has been used to create games, mobile apps, and even write back-end (networking) code. JavaScript truly is a language that is expanding to every corner of the programming space, and for good reason.

It should be noted that approximately 98% of websites rely on JavaScript, which is perhaps why this language is in such high demand.


Python is a general purpose programming language that tends to be used more often for back-end development. This means Python is usually used for things such as automating tasks, machine learning, manipulating data, and performing mathematical calculations. In recent years Python has also been used to build websites and even create games.

Python also has very simple syntax compared to languages such as Java or C++. This makes learning Python especially attractive for beginner level programmers. It should also be noted that Python is a programming language that is in high demand.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately, the language that you choose to learn depends on what area of programming you find the most interesting. For instance, if you think designing websites is interesting, JavaScript is a wise choice. However, if you feel that automating tasks is more interesting, Python is likely a smarter choice.

Another option is just simply trying both languages out for a few days and seeing which one is more fun to work with. This is especially useful if you aren’t sure what area of programming interests you yet.

Personal Opinion

Learning how to program is a long term investment, nobody should start programming with the expectation of making money overnight. With that being said, I believe it is smarter for beginners to try languages such as Java, C#, or C++. These programming languages force you to learn important concepts such as memory management and object oriented programming. Popular languages such as JavaScript and Python could enable beginners to pickup bad habits that are hard to break.


The best way to discover which language is best for you is by simply reflecting on what interests you the most about programming. Once you understand what area interests you the most, you can begin experimenting with the languages that you feel are most suitable for you. The best free resources for learning how to code are and plain old YouTube.

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