How Ethereum Is Becoming a Crypto Monopoly

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Crypto companies seem to be spawning by the dozen, each offering their own unique edge in the market. While the true crypto giants are beginning to rise above the rest, companies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are far ahead of the competition. As these large companies continue to prosper, is it possible they could begin buying out smaller crypto companies? Which could result in almost no competition within the crypto market. This is a common practice in the world of business, and crypto is no exception.

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Ethereum Has The Power

Not only is Ethereum the creator of Ether, one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies to date. Ethereum is also one of the most common blockchains used to create NFTs, an entirely different branch of the blockchain industry. Combined with the fact that many other cryptocurrencies also operate on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum also has their own ecosystem of apps, giving them an upper hand in almost every market that involves the use of blockchain.

This, combined with the fact that Ethereum is literally rolling in money. Provides a variety of reasons why we will likely see Ethereum acquire more and more companies in the future. It will be very difficult for smaller blockchain companies to compete with a company that is already so far ahead of the game, both financially and technologically. The future is bright for Ethereum, its founder is one of the youngest billionaires to date, and with good reason. Ethereum holds all of the cards that would be necessary to become the next tech giant, which is exactly where they’re headed.

Money is Important

With Ethereum, the intersection of money and technology comes full circle. Individuals who look for a decentralized solution to keeping their money safe, will likely turn to Ethereum.

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