How Andrew Tate Made Me a Better Programmer

Nate Lee
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New York Post

When most people hear the name Andrew Tate they imagine his lavish lifestyle, controversial comments, and overall wild persona. However his entertaining act serves a very deep lesson for software developers of all skill levels… especially those with imposter syndrome.

Fake It Until You Make It

Long before Andrew Tate was a household name, he was a broke kickboxer with nothing to show for his skills. This is something that Tate openly discusses, and in some cases brags about. Tate argues that being broke when he was young encouraged him to become hungry for a better life. Not only that, but being broke also has enabled him to appreciate the things he has now earned.

How exactly does any of this apply to software developers? Andrew Tate is a spitting example of what it means to focus purely on yourself. Tate isn’t just honest about his opinions of other people, he’s also extremely honest with himself. Instead of accepting the fact that something is outside of his comfort zone, Tate actively chases the things that make him uncomfortable in the first place.

Screw Comfort

After noticing this distinct trait in Tate, I too began actively identifying things in my life that made me uncomfortable. For instance, I began a coding project that involved calculus rather than simply calling on an API that does the work for me. It took me a lot longer to build the project, but I ended up pushing my brain to think in new ways instead of taking the easiest route. \

Just Own It

A common theme among younger software developers is imposter syndrome, or feeling that you don’t deserve the title that you have earned. At some point we’ve all had our doubts about ourselves. However maybe we should be giving ourselves a little more credit. Tate certainly makes no mistake in owning every single title that people have given him. Deep down everyone knows he is not everything he says he is, however by purely claiming to be Tate has elevated his career to all time heights.


In conclusion, even the furthest person from a software developer can teach us a thing or two about being better software developers. Have a great day!

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