This Is the Mastermind Behind Ethereum’s Success

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Even if you don’t follow cryptocurrency trends, the odds are you have heard the name Ethereum. This company is revolutionizing the ways in which blockchain technology is being utilized, providing an entire ecosystem of apps made possible by blockchain. Not only that, but their cryptocurrency, Ether, is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies to date. With all of this success, you would probably be surprised to learn that Ethereum’s founder is just 27 years old.

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Who Created Ethereum?

Ethereum was first created by Vitalik Buterin, during the summer of 2015. Since then, his company has continued to grow drastically. Making Vitalik a billionaire multiple times over in the process. It requires not only an insane amount of dedication, but also a deep understanding of technology. Achieving such a high level of success, at such a young age, could be a major indicator of what is to come for Vitalik Buterin.

Vitalik’s Background

So who exactly is this tech genius behind one of the most cutting edge companies to date? Vitalik’s origins begin in Kolomna, Russia, a short time later he moved to Canada. This is where his story begins to take shape, in 3rd grade he was placed in classes designated for ‘gifted’ kids. This was Vitalik’s earliest indicator of how much potential he truly possessed. As he continued to grow, eventually Vitalik discovered his calling. This should come as no surprise, he was a strong math student. Not only that, but he was also very invested in the world of computer science. These skills proved to be a perfect combination, which ultimately led Vitalik to successfully launch his own blockchain company. As well as create his own programming language called “Solidity”.

As the success of Ethereum continues to rise, so does Vitalik Buterin’s net worth. This is no surprise, given the fact that he owns a generous amount of Ether, valued at over a billion dollars. While Vitalik’s story is far from over, the climax of his career may have passed… here’s why.

Has Ethereum Peaked?

As the dust begins to settle from Covid-19 lockdowns, individuals have less concern over keeping their money safe. This means less people are turning to crypto as a way to store their money securely. It is possible that crypto has now become a niche market, this would spell bad news for Ethereum. It appears that Ethereum is only getting started, however in order for the company to flourish, the crypto market must also continue to grow. In recent days, India and China have both taken steps to ban crypto altogether. This is bad news for the crypto market and for Ethereum.

What’s Next For Vitalik Buterin?

Without question, many people are interested in Vitalik Buterin’s plan for the future. At the moment it appears that his hands are quite full with running Ethereum. It is likely we could see Vitalik at the forefront of new technologies in the future, given his impressive track record. In fact, Vitalik Buterin has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur in multiple domains. Much like world famous Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk.

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