How You Can Make Money Off Crypto (Without Investing)

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During the gold rush, many people flocked to California so they could test their luck at getting rich. However a few individuals realized they could make money by selling the equipment required to recover the gold. This exact same principle has been applied to the “crypto gold rush” and people are making serious money without necessarily investing in crypto themselves. How they do this is quite simple, in fact almost anyone can make money with the methods mentioned in this article. Perhaps these ideas could serve as an even better way to generate money compared to investing in crypto. If making money is your thing, this article is undoubtedly for you!

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Method #1

Many people fear that the crypto markets are too unstable, and so they hesitate to actually take a leap of faith and invest their money. This is a fair concern especially if money is tight, however there are safer ways to make money off crypto. The easiest method of making money off crypto without actually investing is… drumroll please, creating content that teaches people about crypto. If you are genuinely interested in cryptocurrency, you should begin documenting your journey of learning about crypto. This can allow you to build an audience interested in crypto, as well as generate money through ads or affiliate marketing.

People can go about this method in a few different ways, depending on the type of content they want to produce. If you’re afraid of standing in front of a camera, simply start a blog instead on a platform such as Medium. Perhaps you aren’t a strong writer, that’s fine, create a youtube channel where you discuss cryptocurrency topics you have learned about. The most important thing to remember is that these results will not come overnight, growing a loyal audience takes time and effort. Consistency is key!

Method #2

If you’re already experienced in the world of crypto, there are plenty of people already willing to pay for this knowledge. A great way to generate money from existing crypto knowledge is by selling courses. These courses can come in the form of short videos, or even just articles with interactive quizzes. The possibilities of online courses are endless, if you’re interested in selling online courses consider checking out Udemy. This is a very reliable platform that can be used to create and sell online courses.

Method #3

The final method of making money with crypto is still incredibly lucrative, in fact this is a method that is just starting to gain traction. The answer is a paid newsletter, if you aren’t familiar with these… don’t worry. Basically a paid newsletter is a blog, except it’s sent to a list of subscribers every week as an email. These subscribers pay you a small fee, somewhere between 5–10 dollars a month. Although this doesn’t sound like much, newsletter owners can generate thousands of dollars each month if they’re able to convince a large number of people to join their newsletter. If you’re interested in creating a paid newsletter, consider checking out Substack. This is an easy to use platform that allows writers to create paid newsletters without requiring any upfront investments. Be warned however, Substack charges a 10% commission on the money that you generate from your newsletter.

Final Advice

As with anything in life, consistency is key. The methods mentioned in this article will not make you rich overnight. However if you stick with them long enough you could begin to see incredible results. Let me know what method you plan on using in the comments below!

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