3 Tips To Make Your GitHub Stand Out

Nate Lee
3 min readAug 26, 2022


No matter what type of software developer you are, having a strong GitHub profile could make or break your entire career. In fact, many companies will treat your GitHub as a resume when applying for a job. Unfortunately, too many people neglect their GitHub altogether. While other people use their GitHub as a place to dump every project they’ve ever created. This is a big mistake that could actually hinder your career as a programmer. Thankfully making your GitHub stand out isn’t as daunting of a task as many people think.


It should go without saying, but including a simple explanation of your project in its ReadME goes a long way. Don’t just explain what your project is, also explain how it works and what you’ve learned. This will give people a better understanding of your thought process behind the code that you have written.

Another great way to spice up your ReadME is by using images and emojis. This will make your project come across as less intimidating and add more color.

A great way to incentivize other people to contribute to your project is by adding a to do list at the bottom of your ReadME. Having a project that other people contribute to will impress companies that are looking at hiring you. This will also draw more attention to your profile which could get you noticed by the right people.


Writing setup instructions for your project will allow other people to run your code and possibly even contribute to it. Taking the extra ten minutes to write instructions for setting up your project will make everyone’s lives much easier.

Having setup instructions for each project on your GitHub will showcase your communication skills, which is always a great skill to have. Combining this with a solid ReadME will elevate your GitHub’s potential to new levels.

Be Proud

Most people use GitHub as a place to dump all of the code they’ve ever written. If you are simply coding for fun this might be okay. However if you plan on using your GitHub as a resume, having random projects could make a bad impression.

Instead, people should treat their GitHub profile as a highlight reel where they showcase only their best work. Polish each project before pushing it to your GitHub so that anyone who stumbles across your profile will only see high quality work.

In Conclusion

Taking the time to improve your GitHub profile could be one of the smartest decision you ever make. Not only will it improve your odds of landing your dream job, but it will also give you a sense of pride for the projects that you create. If you enjoyed this article, please consider following me so that you don’t miss my next post!

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